new direction education services

excellence in providing educational services

The New Direction Education Services originally  provide educational educational services  in  Quincy and other Greater Boston  communities in Massachusetts. These services are provided online all over the world. Services include tutoring, private lessons and advanced math courses, Tutoring and private lessons are provided in Math, ESL, French, Spanish to students from 4th grade to college. Classes are offered to adults in the same subjects. Calculus courses are also offered online for high school and college students.

Yves Simon

experienced educator AND CEO

Yves Simon is responsible for managing all the educational services at New Direction Education Services. He also tutors and teaches there. Yves’ story in education is a long one. It first started  at the end of his primary school when he started tutoring kids in his neighborhood. He continued tutoring during his secondary school  and was a leader of study groups with his fellow classmates. He officially began his education career in his final year of secondary school when his inspiring Math and Physics teacher hired him as a math teacher in 8th grade. This journey led him in different avenues as a teacher, tutor, edupreneur and global and lifelong educator.

 Yves Simon is an experienced and certified educator. His professional experiences encompass the public and private school system where he has worked for many years. His educational background is in Civil Engineering, Math and Science, curriculum and school administration. His teaching expertise includes the following subjects: Math, ESL, French and Spanish. He uses the most effective pedagogical techniques that facilitate learning. In addition he is patient and makes learning fun