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We offer the following services:
Tutoring services and Private lessons

Do you need tutoring or to learn some academic subjects? New Direction Education Services offer tutoring and private lessons in the following subjects: Math, ESL, French, Spanish for students from 4th grade to college. Services are offered online.


Mathematical Education Center: open online math courses

Do you want to learn math at your own pace? New Direction Education Services offer online math courses in Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus via direct instruction. Calculus courses are also designed for learners to access independently any time, anywhere at their own pace. These courses can be used as resources to supplement regular courses. They can also be used by learners for their own interests. Learners should commit themselves to read the lessons and do the assignments. Support is provided. The Calculus courses can also be used by teachers to supplement their own courses. These courses can be accessed here


Courses for adults

Have you been out of school for a long time and need to come back and prepare yourself to go to college? Do you need to learn a new language and math for your work or personal interests New Direction Services can work  online in the following subjects: Math, ESL, French.